Many IT departments no longer have the required skills or capacity in-house to meet the increasing demands of their business - it has therefore become necessary to look outside the business to fill the gap.

"Bio enable us to have an exemplary pool of flexible and scalable talent at our disposal that we can draw on in an incredibly convenient way."
Head of Infrastructure Delivery, Press Association

But are IT resourcing providers really meeting the challenge? Are their delivery and commercial models enabling IT departments to realise the full value of such an approach?

In many instances, IT departments are falling into the trap of adopting traditional routes, which don't necessarily satisfy their needs or that of their business, such as employing a contractor or agency.

If you are one of the thousands of IT decision makers who look outside of your own organisation to increase capacity and expand capabilities, a next-generation approach to IT resourcing will extend your team and increase performance, whilst importantly allowing you to retain control

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Skills, resources and services tailored to supplement your existing team
Flexible capacity to handle peaks of activity but also to easily reduce when not needed
On-demand experience, skills and knowledge when and how they are needed
Easy and fast deployment – minimising ramp-up period
"Top-up" resources fit seamlessly into the team and company culture
Complementary service to existing supplier relationships
Cost-effective, flexible ways of procuring, aligned to different business situations

You no longer need to settle for a traditional approach to obtain flexible capacity and capability. A next generation approach to IT resourcing can provide you with all of the above benefits and more as standard – so don’t settle for anything less!

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Bio understands the challenges in managing capacity to ensure that your business has the correct IT personnel and skills. Specific projects require niche skills that may not be permanently available in your steady-state organisation.

Peaks in operational activity and major projects all put a heavy demand on internal personnel and the management of business as usual activities. There are often conflicting pressures to manage costs and minimise staff headcount that make it difficult to deal with these situations. Bio provides a complementary resourcing service that allows you to augment your team with our personnel when you need it, and for as long as you need.

Bio work as an integral part of your operational, technical or project team. This service can be used to provide specialist skills into your organisation, or simply provide a flexible way of dealing with peaks in activity.

This is a far more flexible way of working than the traditional contractor approach – we can take advantage of the exact skills we need, when we need them and for exactly how long we need them, without any of the pain of traditional contractors or agencies.

Head of Infrastructure Delivery, Press Association

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Initially we thought of Bio as we do our contractors – we just needed someone for a specific issue. But we soon saw and experienced the difference.

Bio’s people very quickly got on board with the culture of the company and became part of the team. They added a depth of skill that exceeded our expectations and brought ideas and suggestions outside of their remit to assist us, and to ensure we were receiving the best service.

Director of Infrastructure and Architecture EU, AB InBev

Bio focus on quality over quantity whilst managing the balance of cost in today’s competitive market

Bio is committed to ensuring that the service we deliver is consistent, measurable and of the highest quality at all times, conducting a thorough technical and personal vetting process for all new IT associates and engagements.

Where appropriate, Bio will aim to build a community pool of resources familiar to each client with the goal of creating a virtual bench model.

Bio take pride in the welfare and satisfaction of our staff

We manage our personnel to ensure that their focus is on delivering the best possible service to the client and the softer but still vital issues are taken care of without compromise.

Bio remove the barriers to achieving success

Bio has built a reputation for being proactive, personable and easy to deal with and do business with, resolving issues quickly and providing a single point of contact for the provision and management of client requirements.

Bio is so easy to do business with

Head of Infrastructure Delivery, Press Association

Bio provide consistent and proactive communication

Following up with all personnel and clients regularly on a formal and informal basis ensures that both clients and staff are up to date, informed and focused upon the objectives. We regularly bring staff and clients together to help promote team ethics and strengthen communication.

Nobody else can provide that level of intuitive flexibility

Head of Infrastructure Delivery, Press Association

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