During a time of significant IT investment at Harrods, Bio have been instrumental in driving two key initiatives. Jonathan Manley, IT Director for Harrods, commented on Bio’s contribution to Harrods’ wider IT transformation:

Bio enables Harrods’ Command and Control Service Operations:

Bio has played a huge role in helping us to bridge the gap between where we were and where we wanted to be.

They helped us to transform our IT system, ensuring our platform is now as high-performing as a company such as Harrods requires.

Not only did Bio lead the new Service Operation, they also stayed with us throughout the process, ensuring knowledge transfer was progressive, until we could stand alone.

The Command and Control Service Operations engagement worked so well, that we had no hesitation in asking Bio to do the same again in another area that needed attention and impetus.

Jonathan Manley, IT Director, Harrods

Bio’s PMO function allowed Harrods to clear the decks, to enable major IT transformation:

As well as improving our existing processes, at the same time Bio helped us to deliver a better performing system across the company.

From the discovery phase onwards, even though additional people were introduced, we never felt that we had to devote Harrods’ management time to brief new members of the team – Bio made sure that momentum was maintained and that the requirement for our management time for knowledge transfer was minimised.

Bio provided us with well-rounded IT professionals to complement our existing team. Overall we believe we benefited from Bio’s commitment and expertise in an important part of Harrods IT journey.

Jonathan Manley, IT Director, Harrods

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